How it works

What kind of Treatment we do ?

Zero Size specializes in medical (non-surgical) weight loss and weight management programs under physician and dietitian supervision. Although we give you guidelines for healthy eating and provide practical options. We recognize every patient’s unique lifestyle and eating patterns that can be road blocks. We provide information about meal planning and nutrition that are used in conjunction with the following medical weight loss tools.

How does ZERO SIZE helps ..

We educate our customers for permanent weight loss solutions through…

1.Proper food modification plan

2.Meal plan nutrients

3.Life Style Modification

4.Calories needed for their routine life

5.Identify obesity causes


How our Treatment helps ?

1.Reduce the targeted fat cells

2.Increase body metabolism

3.Tighten the skin

4.Reducing Cellulite’s

5.Decrease joint pain’s


Why we need to maintain our ideal weight ?.

Overweight or Obesity is a health concern, without proper treatment, obesity can lead to other serious health problems such as:

1.Body Pain, Knee pain, Osteoarthritis, and Heart diseases

2.Type -2 Diabetes

3.Sleep neap (Stop breathing during Sleep)

4. Infertility


6.Certain Cancers

7. Metabolic Syndrome

8.Liver diseases

9.Pancreatitis & Gout

10.Obesity Hypo-ventilation


What other Benefits we can get it through this treatment

1. Stubborn Fat & Visceral Fat reduction

2.Blood sugar level under control

3.Body detoxification

4.Increased Flexibility

5.Thyroid under control

6.Controlled Blood pressure

7.Good Posture or Look

8.Decreased risk of diabetes

9.Improved cholesterol levels

10.Decreased joint pain

11.Decreased risk of certain cancers

12. Improved Immune power

13.Increases your LIFE span

A. Is it a genuine weight loss treatment?

Yes 100 % result oriented treatment and we successfully treated more than 5000 clients.

B. Is there any side effects?

No side effects and we use FDA approved treatments.

C. Can i go for normal routine work after treatment?

Yes immediately after treatment you can go for your normal routine work.

D.Can i know the treatment duration time?

Approximately 60 to 90 minutes

E.Weekly how many days should attend the treatment?

Weekly 3 times

F.Is there any medicines or powders involved in this treatment?

No, we don’t give any intake medicines or powders.

G.Facilities available at your clinic?

Individual Air conditioned rooms, Clean and Hygiene place, Trained professionals, Experienced Doctors and Dietitians available.

H.What other services you are providing?

Ayurveda treatments  for Knee pain, back pain, Spinal cord, Hair fall, Dandruff, Kidney stone, Liver problem, Joint pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Fever, Headache, Sleepless etc..

Yoga – For Weight loss and Normal classes

Advanced Beauty – Acne, Pimples, Dark circles, Tan, Facial, Advanced Facial, Peels for whitening, Peels for Acne etc..

Spa – Hair – Keratin Spa, Head Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Massages, Head Massages etc.,

Naturopathy  – Mud Pack, Diet Therapy, Air Therapy, Magnet Therapy etc.,,

For More details please visit our clinic.