Inch Loss

Would you like to lose inches off your thighs without even setting a foot inside the gym?. Although it sounds too good to be true, there is a whole range of treatments now available that claim to do just that. We put the latest innovations to the test. See what our guinea pigs thought of them below.


A new modern technology which is specially designed to help you to loosing the extra fat from your body and especially loosing inches from your belly. This technology assists the use of modern technological methods to break down the excess fat walls from your body.

Inch Loss for Tummy / Butts / Thighs / Arms / Double chin reduction / Face fat reduction 

Method of treatments

  • By using laser approved by FDA
  • Body Therapy especially for inch loss by our specialist
  • Ayurveda methods

Procedure :

Time : 30 – 45 minutes

Result : Instant results 3 – 8 cms (depends on health condition)

Benefits :

  • Get back your shape and fitness
  • Lymphatic drain cleans and health status improves

No Side Effects || No Medicines || No injunctions || No Pills || Immediate Results

*Results may vary person to person