The WHO (World Health Organization) has classified obesity as a disease and it has been renamed as “diabesity” because obesity is a major factor that induces diabetes.

The world over, doctors are advising their patients to lose weight in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, brain stroke, cancer and sleep apnoea.

Most often patients go for treatment to Non Medical clinics run by people with no professional training in the field of weight management.Treatment by unqualified people can be fatal in some cases.

The right way to tackle obesity is to achieve weight loss through fat loss, and not through precious lean body mass (muscle & tissue) or water loss. The process should be gradual and sustainable.

The weight that is lost by fad dieting or sustaining on Vegetables or Herbal Powders or the Super Food Supplements give initial dramatic weight loss due to the loss of carbohydrates and water but not fat. After losing 3 to 4 Kgs of weight there won’t be any reduction as there is hardly any water to be lost. Hence once you start eating the normal or near normal diet, all the weight you have lost is regained and end up with bonus weight due to reduced BMR due to very low calorie dieting you have done so far.

“Weight Loss Through Fat Loss”. It’s a comprehensive scientific approach to treat obesity.

Here medical experts follow advanced medical procedures that results in gradual, safe, satisfactory and maintainable weight loss, through fat loss.

As it is weight loss through fat loss, patients with diabetes, high blood pressures, hypothyroidism, PCOS, heart ailments, undergone cesarean operation and people who have undergone bypass surgery can safely undergo this treatment.

Our Approach:

It is an combination of Modern technology, Ayurveda and Physiotherapy principles. We have various treatments depends on your health, age and medical history etc. Our program is designed by our expert doctors team and supervised by Doctors, Dietitians and therapist.

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