Cryo Freeze

Sculpting – Figure correction removal of body fat
What is Sculpting?

Cryo Sculpting is a safe, quite painless, non-surgical figure correction treatment that removes localised  body fat in a selective manner. The operating mechanism is based on the selective sensitivity of fat cells (adipocytes) during controlled freezing which causes controlled cell death (apoptosis) of these fat cells.

During the cryolipolysis treatment, the skin fold of the area to be treated is placed in a vacuum Cool sculpting hand piece. Through suction, the skin fold is placed firmly between the two cooling panels of this hand piece. As a result, heat is extracted from the fatty tissue. The freezing cycle of a skin fold takes 70 minutes. This outpatient treatment is done without the need for anaesthesia or analgesia. Fifteen minutes after the cryolipolysis treatment, normal activities can be resumed.

Is a cryolipolysis treatment painful?
  • The figure correction is a comfortable treatment for most patients.
  • Sometimes, a mild pain is experienced in the first freezing minutes. Since freezing has a narcotic effect, the mild pain disappears after about ten minutes of treatment time.
  • An anaesthesia and / or pain medication is not necessary during treatment of the patients.
  • During the cryolipolysis treatment, most patients can comfortably read a book, listen to music or just relax.
What to expect after the cryolipolysis treatment?
  • After the cryolipolysis treatment and removing the handpieces, the skin fold thaws within ten minutes. The skin can then be massaged gently. The patient may experience some pain at this point.
  • After the treatment, some local redness and swelling can occur. This can last for a couple of hours, but will disappear almost entirely after 24 hours.
  • Blisters caused by the cold are rare.
  • Fainting, bruising and cold burns can occur as exceptional side effects.
Aftercare following the treatment
  • Specific aftercare is not necessary after the cryolipolysis treatment.
  • You can go to work and exercise immediately after the treatment.
  • Exposure of the treated area to the sun or a sunbed is best to be avoided from 5 days before and after the treatment.
  • During the week following the treatment, we advise you to drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 litres daily).
  • It is also advisable to keep your weight under control.
The expected results after a treatment

  • Multicentric studies show the efficiency and safety of this treatment method.
  • From a treatment of four skin areas on the stomach (abdomen) and the waist ‘(love handles’), you can expect a circumference reduction of 4 to 7 cm and average 25 – 30% fat loss on the treated area.
  • The result of a cryo treatment develops slowly over the course of three months. The first noticeable improvements are apparent after approximately three weeks.
     What you also need to know
    • Based on the operating principle of the device good results are expected with a correct diagnosis. However, the treatment can only remove fatty tissue.
    • A skin fold of softer skin, for example, will not disappear. Other treatments are available for this.
    • Preliminary measurements and photographs will be taken. These are intended for result and evolution assessment.
    • The cryo provides a uniform reduction of fatty tissue. The number of treatments is not limited, and, if required, the procedure can be repeated with a minimum interval of 3 months until the desired result is obtained.